Monday, 5 October 2015

Pop Tart Mini Album

Where has the time gone? Did someone steal September? One minute I was looking forward to a ridiculously busy month ahead (working in the education sector means that autumn is ridiculously busy!) and the next I was realising that it's  over! *sigh*

I had little time to myself this weekend and decided to 'chill out and craft on'. Before starting on 'Misty Morning' my Counterfeit Kit for October, I wanted to make a little something, anything, with 'Pop Tart' my Counterfeit Kit for September. And I decided on a small, but chunky, mini-album.

I started by cutting down some of my 3x4 cards to a dinky 2x3, then punched a hole at top-centre in each card. The addition of a simple journalling ring means that I'll be able to shift the pages around when I start adding photographs and memorabilia.

Using my kit, I added some embellishment clusters to a few of the pages - and I also made a small stack of additional clusters so that I can include more detail once the photographs have been added.

I've decided to use this little beauty to document a specific project, but  I'll need to do a little bit of photo-editing before I can add photographs to such a small album. I'll be sure to share the album as soon as it's completed.

In 2012, I set myself the challenge of making one pair of earrings each week during the year and it launched my fascination with beading and jewellery making. I'm intending to challenge myself again in 2016, so a little reminder of where it all started seems appropriate and the happy, bright colours seem perfect! (Want to see what I made? Earring Challenge 2012)

Believe it or not, I've 'killed my kit' as it was so small to start with - result! Now, I can look forward to working with 'Misty Morning' my Counterfeit Kit for October when I visit my local crop next week. Any plans for using up your stash this month?


  1. I love this Clair! Sometimes it's fun to put something together without the photos - it's nice to just play around and not have to worry about fitting things in around the pictures. Looking forward to seeing it again once you've added your photos.

  2. Very stylish! And what a good idea to make something, and then add things to it later. I often mean to do this but never quite get round to it. You are inspiring me :).

  3. So cute. I'm really not a mini type but I love this - so small and perfect. The addition of all those little embellishments is perfect and I'm really interested to see how this all looks when it's finished - especially if it features your earrings which are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the finished item :-)


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