Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop {March}

Hello! Hello! Welcome to this month's Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop. Hopefully, you have arrived from Lisa's lovely blog - Recklinghausen Musings If you haven't come across the Counterfeit Kit Challenge before it might be worth starting there - it's definitely worth the time. It's full of amazing challenges and inspiration!

Challenges like these ones -

Challenge #1: Border Craze: Get crazy with borders
Challenge #2: Irish Challenge: Celebrate St Patrick's Day with some creativity!
Challenge #3: Desk Challenge: Take inspiration from the state of your desk

I chose to work on the very first challenge and, after folding down a sheet of cardstock to create a lower border on my layout, I went to town adding die-cuts, hand-stamped embellishments, bling and stickers to create a border that's full of fun and colour. 

To balance out the layout, I also added a smaller border to the top, right hand corner - using up even more of my sticker sheet. It feels so nice to have finally broken into that sticker sheet from Everyday Elements. I've certainly had it long enough! 

Hidden down the left hand side is a small pocket, created by folding the top sheet of cardstock. I've hidden some journalling in there to tell this London Story properly.

Now, I'm excited to follow the blog-hop and see what other counterfeiters have been creating over the last month, starting with the next stop on the blog-hop, Gemma over at My Not So Simple Life.

Thanks so much for stopping by, please do say hello before you say goodbye! x


  1. Another gorgeous layout - love the colours with that photo!

  2. Great layout, love the contrast between the corners

  3. Great to see you scrapping again - love the colourful busy vibe - perfect for a London tale!

  4. Nice use of the stickers. I love the layering and colors. I agree. it does have the perfect vibe.

  5. Unusual photo but you've done it justice with all the embellishments.

  6. A beautiful layout, love the border, and the feeling of movement in the photo!

  7. Clapping my hands! Bright, happy, fun - would love to read "the rest of the story" :~)
    Always a pleasure to see you here.
    I was wondering if your photo was intentional or accidental? It certainly says there was a lot of walking & energy in London - FAB.

  8. Super cute layout and just a fun little border there :)

  9. Cute and clever. Like you!

    Note to self: try diagonal background. And folded pocket. Great idea!

  10. Love the diagonal lines and the happy border - very nicely done!

  11. Love this layout - so bright and happy!

  12. The photo is perfect for the design you've chosen or is it the other way around :-) So much bright, fun, happy, energetic stuff on here and I love the design you chose. I have to ask what the background map paper is though, love map papers! So happy to have you joining in this month - it always makes my day to see you over at CKC :-)


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