Sunday, 15 June 2014

Creative Corners - Sincerely Yours By Tracy

After finishing 'what I was working on' last weekend, I needed a little time away from everything to catch up on some much needed sleep (and clean the house!) so, it's been a while since we took a peek at someone's Creative Corners. Are you ready for a bit of snooping?

Tracy Weslager from Sincerely Yours By Tracy makes seriously beautiful, high-quality and completely customisable greetings cards, invitations and stationery. Uniquely, for every greetings card purchased, Tracy sends a card to an active member of the US Armed Forces. For every, single card. How amazing is that?

How did you get started?

My creative journey began in 2006 when I decided to leave corporate America and fulfil my dream of combining art, fashion, and my obsession of all stationery products.

What inspires you?

I have color all over my studio…markers, paper, embellishments…at times when those items get pushed onto each other, it catches my eye and a new idea will pop in my head to try. It’s amazing what new creations come from my “mess”.

When do you feel most creative?

I am a morning person so once the coffee pot is full, I’m ready to dive into the fun and create in the studio for hours!

What are your work space essentials?

I think my studio has more tools than my husband’s workshop since he is always asking me if I have certain tools he can borrow! A few that I cannot live without and freak if I loose are my three adhesive rolls that need to be near me at all times, a ruler because I’m a perfectionist and everything must be exact and of course, my paper cutter (or fifteen paper cutters) that I currently own.

What do you do to keep yourself andyour space organised?

To stay organized I make sure I take some time at the end of every week and attack the mess and piles! It makes me feel better and ready to attack the following week!

If you had to be selective, what is your favourite things about the space?

My favorite things about my design studio are my “fun” chair that I can sit with a cup of coffee, research and just doodle for new designs! I am a candle person so if I have candles burning while working, I’m smiling!

What are your top tips for improving your work space?

My main tip to improve my workspace and any workspace is stay organized! As I mentioned, if you take some time each week to go clean up, organize etc. it will really make a difference for the new weeks’ projects. Go from pile to pile and soon you will see the difference it made! how amazing does Tracy's creative workspace look? I'm feeling a little bit jealous right now! I hope that you've enjoyed finding out a little bit more about Tracy's Creative Corners, but if that hasn't quite fulfilled all of your 'nosiness needs' then you can also seek her out on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. I'll be following Tracy's advice and having a creative corner cleaning session! 


  1. What a fun peek. I wish being organized and staying organized always went hand in hand. Fun post!

  2. Good reading :) Ah, staying organised... I'm trying :)

  3. Lovely to meet you. By our space looks amazing. Great interview. Xx


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