Sunday, 28 April 2013

Creative Leftovers - Something From (Almost) Nothing

Is it just me that gets a ridiculous amount of satisfaction from using little leftovers? I love to stretch my stash, especially when I consider how much money I've invested in it! Fireline Thread is fairly expensive - and, amongst beaders at least, it's considered to be a precious commodity. So, it is with much shame that I must confess that I never, ever measure how much thread I'm using when I start a new project. I just reel out about a 'wingspan and a half' for pretty much every project that I start. Inevitably, I'm often left with about a foot of beading thread at the end of some projects - and that's really not enough to start another major project. 

But, I do hate wasting anything. So a little while back, I started to combine those little bits of leftover thread with seed beads leftover from larger beading projects to make these dinky, little star motifs. And, eventually, I ended up with a little pot full of them! 

28th April (2)

Materials: Blue Moon Beads - 4mm Champagne Glass Pearls & Silver Plated Chain; Miyuki Size 11 Seed Beads - Fancy-Frosted Pale Seafoam Green & Matte Opaque Cream.

After working on my Random Snow Bracelet earlier this week, I had a few Champagne 4mm Glass Pearls leftover. Rather than find somewhere to stash them, I had a little rummage through my Pot O' Stars and found some made in a combination of cream and seafoam. A perfect match for the champagne pearls! I wire-wrapped the pearls and attached some tiny little jumprings to each of the stars, then attached them at regular intervals to some chain. And there we have it - something from (almost) nothing!

I'd love to know what you've been busy making this weekend and what you'll be doing with your creative leftovers. Please do tell in the comments! 


  1. I love this idea!!! I've been using up leftovers, too - in bead embroidery!! I've been sewing down left over components, and then adding embroidery around them, so that they aren't wasted. I think it will eventually be a purse perhaps, but for right now they are just little 2x2 squares with stuff on. ;) I LOVE your pendant, it's beautiful and feminine and delicate!

  2. It's gorgeous, my dear :) You are a most talented lady!

    PS I finished your Christmas gift at last - not quite in time for your birthday, ahem... Look forward to seeing you soon and handing it over! xx

  3. Such a cool idea! Now to get back in there to my bead table!

  4. Those stars are so cute! I have a lot of those seed beads, are they easy to make? I love the finished necklace too. (PS, I'm not doing Project Life, I'm just using split page protectors for a holiday album. I could never keep up with PL!)

  5. Oh yes i get a great deal of satisfaction from using scraps (of paper!). those stars look super cute Clair x

  6. Just discovered your blog. Love your wit and these stars and your color combo as well. Nice!

  7. Fab idea clair. Let's see how long i can do this for lol xxx


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