Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fit For Royalty {Bead Table Wednesday}

Hello! Hello! After almost a month of building work, and no internet connection, you cannot imagine how wonderful it is to have a little time to just sit down, with a cup of tea, and catch up on everything. And without the persistant sound of drilling!

Time without the internet made me feel amazingly productive - and I'm seriously considering scheduling myself time away from the computer each week - so there's quite a lot for me to share. As it's Bead Table Wednesday, I'm starting with one of my recent makes for The Blue Moon Beads' Design Team. 

Fit For Royalty

Materials: Blue Moon Beads Glass Round Pearls, 4mm, Champagne. (BM25233) Blue Moon Beads Oxidised Silver Crown Toggle Clasps (ZF-001-00172) and Miyuki Galvanised Steel Seed Beads.

The 4mm Glass Pearls in Champagne are such a classic colour and combined with an Oxidised Silver Crown Toggle Clasp and some co-ordinating Galvanised Steel Seed Beads, the end result is a little more 'modern' than the classic combination with Gold or Silver. 

I've been blessed with some ideas for embellishing and adapting this little cutie, so expect to see a few variations on a theme. Is it just me that, busy working on one thing, has ideas for another twenty? 


  1. it is most definitely fit for royalty. It is stunning Clair x

  2. That's beautiful and i like the new look to the blog too.

  3. How absolutely beautiful! And I'm sure you're right about productive time away from the computer - I know having no television around makes a huge difference to what I get done in life!!
    Alison x

  4. Such a classy and elegant combination :). Your time away has clearly been very productive, both ideas-wise and in the actual making! (And thank-you so much for popping in to see me!). I'm going to be keeping an eye out for your variations too.

  5. That's beautiful Clair :o) At least you are working on one thing, while having twenty other ideas. I find I have so many ideas in my head at times, that I don't begin any of them!
    Fiona x

  6. Oh that is pretty. I empathise about the lack of the sound of drilling - hope the work all went well, any snagging has been done and things are lovely now :)


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