Sunday, 19 August 2012

Stitching On Paper - Inspired By Cross Stitch

After spending most of the evening fiddling around with manuals, plug sockets and wiring, I have internet again. Hurrah! How did anyone cope before Google, Twitter and Facebook? Maybe I have a little bit of a problem?

And, moving on! Who's ready for some more Stitching On Paper? In today's installment, Stitching On Paper - Inspired By Cross Stitch, I'm joined by Guest Designer Sian Fair, as we take a look a contemporary twist on a traditional craft. 

I've been so amazed and gratified to see people starting to create their own Stitching On Paper projects this week, based on some of the earlier lessons in the class. It really makes all of my hard work seem worthwhile, so thank you so much!

Check out the Stitching On Paper - Introduction to see some of the projects that have been linked up so far, or link your up your own project using stitching to have the chance of winning a pretty little package of paper-crafting supplies.

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  1. I love other people's cross stitch ... I think I shall have to start a LOT smaller than Siân did!


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