Saturday, 7 July 2012

Diary Day - Getting Organised

Because I work in an academic setting, this is the time of year that I get to splurge a little on my most favourite of stationary items - a new diary. Oh, but there is something marvellous about a new diary - the blank pages waiting to be filled up with dates and deadlines. That feeling of a 'new beginning'. 

Participating in the Organisation Celebration last weekend - and reading through some of her amazing articles about organising each and every part of your life - made me realise that, I really could do with spending a little more time organising. It only makes sense. A little more time organising, a little less time worrying about how disorganised I am! 

Following some of Jennifer's tips, I've already started filling my diary with deadlines for my design team and magazine submissions - which should help me to keep on top of my projects. I'll also be adding ideas for the blog, because after taking an extended blogging break at the beginning of the year, I've really been struggling to blog regularly, despite my best intentions. It doesn't help that I've been away from home a lot recently.

But, I have a whole weekend at home and, after the new inspiration kit for the Counterfeit Kit Club was revealed last week, I have a diary entry for this weekend ready and waiting for me to tick it off my to do list! 


  1. Nice diary...I keep a diary of the challenges I enter, the different blog hops etc. I love that hard copy record!
    Off to check out your organizational link.

  2. I love filling a new diary too! Wasn't jennifers organisation themed weekend inspiring. I got home and did a lot of de cluttering!

  3. I think that maybe I should be joining you in getting more organised! I have print outs from my online diary on a clip board for my creative deadlines but I'm not convinced that's the best way to go! I really like the look of your diary - pretty design!

  4. Glad that you are counterfeiting along with us soon!

  5. What a darling diary - I "attended" Jennifer's organization event last weekend and I think I need a larger diary than just the little pocket calendar I keep in my purse. I would be nice to write down more things to keep from searching my memory quite so often!

  6. hiya claire
    as i sit here drinking day old coffee, prepping paper to art on i think that i want to get back into creating the counterfeit kits. i will have to sit a spell and go through the organizing link. love ya from me, myself and I

  7. oooh I like your new diary! Look forward to seeing what you organise

  8. That diary is so pretty! It's good to have a diary that's so pretty that you want to carry it around, right?!

    I'm glad my weekend inspired you. There's still time to link this post to the 'challenge to organise' if you want to try and win the knock out border punch! x


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