Saturday, 28 July 2012

All Quiet On The (North) Western Front

I've been a little distracted recently. I've been extremely busy at work - with conferences, new projects and graduating students - and I've been working on a few personal projects, which I'll tell you all about very, very soon. 

So, I thought it was about time that I popped by to say 'hello'. Here's a little sneak of the mini-book that I'm making with July's Counterfeit Fit Kit. I'm at the 'sticking stage' and have all of my individual pages ready. Embellishment next, then the journalling. A lot of journalling. It was such a fun weekend and there are a lot of little stories to tell. 

What are you up to this weekend? Are you busy scrapbooking? Or are you out and about, living new stories?


  1. i am sitting here @your blog and doing other things(like oooogling the prima almanac collection-thinking of getting up and getting some tickets and my rooster stamp and playing), thinking of watching a movie, i got some mail out today and since i've been busy trying to get it done i feel sorta aimless at the mo be seeing ya

  2. Looks interesting...hurry up and do the unveiling!!!

  3. I'm working on a DT project for Paper Wings Productions and blog hopping while my layers dry :D Your project looks like it's coming together beautifully!

  4. The mini-book looks exciting, can't wait to see the rest! I'm out and about this weekend, off to a carnival and red arrows show today! x


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