Monday, 11 July 2011

Cobwebs Cache Jewellery Giveaway

Louise Goodchild, of Cobwebs Cache, is having a bit of a giveaway over on her blog to celebrate 50,000 views of her Flickr Stream. And believe me, once you've visited Louise's Flickr Stream, you'll understand why people keep going back.

Blossom Hill Tree Of Life from Cobwebs Cache

Louise's creations are - undoubtedly - beautifully executed, but I know there are many other talented wire artists out there. What sets Louise apart is her playful imagination and whimsical designs. Each and every one of them takes my breath away.

Golden Tree Of Life from Cobwebs Cache

Honestly, I can't really believe that I'm telling you all this - because all I'm doing is reducing my own chances of winning! But hey, I'm a just 'good deed' kind of person.

Have a good week folks x

PS Don't forget about my own giveaway which is open until Saturday 16th July.


  1. wow i love that tree of life. u r so gr8 at finding cool stuff. might have to pin this too, heehee,
    jo xxx

  2. Aw, what a sweetie - thanks so much, Clair! *blushing* :)

  3. wow what amazing design love it x


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