Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Month Of Works In Progress

I've been a little bit on the quiet side this month and I've realised that this is because I much prefer to share finished projects, than works in progress. There's just something wonderful about proudly showing off a completed project! But, this month has been a month of works in progress and I've decided to share. That way, when all is done, I can feel extraordinarily smug.

We're about halfway through the redecoration of our hallway. I say that lightly because, really, we're in the finishing stages. We've lived with holes in the walls, no carpets and more dust than you can believe for at least the last three years. We're finally at the painting stage, but who would have thought a hallway could have so much woodwork? *sigh*

There's been a little re-organisation of the craft space as well - am I the only crafter that seems to spend more time organising than crafting? I'm making an effort to use more of my stash, so I've been methodically working through my huge box of paper scraps. Larger pieces are now back with my full sized sheets; smaller pieces are now in a dish on my desk, so that I can rummage through them easily and I've made a huge stack of ATCs - there's well over 100.

Of course, the box looks just as full as it always did, even though I can't figure out why! I swear the scraps are multiplying faster than Tribbles.

ATC Stack

My buttons and brads are now out of their packaging and displayed in a little, vintage dish just at the side of my desk. It makes looking for the right one just that little bit easier and reminds me to use them. Plus, a little bit of eye candy never hurt anyone, right?

Button & Brad

There's also been a little bit of beading. I've been working on my first piece of bead embroidery for this month's Monthly Moodboard over on Operation Tackle That Beadstash. I'm even using a pattern shared by one of our contributers, Liz, which was featured in Bead Magazine. For my first piece, it's coming along really well (just not fast enough) so Liz's instructions must be fantastic!


Okay, I'll admit it. That's a brad in the centre of my beading. It just worked so well with my beads!


  1. Wow - your beading is gorgeous Clair - good work!

  2. oh my, I love that beading. mmm, maybe I should check that out...

  3. That bead embroidery is fabulous!

  4. That looks fantastic Clair, I can't wait to see it finished! I'm glad you found my instructions easy :) And that is one fab photo too!

  5. I'd also like to add a well done for getting to the painting stage, we're in year 1 so it's good to know we might get there in the end! :)


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