Saturday, 2 April 2011

An Indian Summer!!!

So, it's official. I'll be spending two weeks during the summer in India! At the university where I work we have a dedicated charity which, every year, sends teams of staff and students to development projects around the world to work.

Front Cover

This year teams are heading to India, Brazil, Mauritius, Uganda and Malawi - and I feel so amazingly privileged to be heading off to a country that I have never visited (have never even dreamed of visiting!) and to be working with the local community on a project which will benefit them long after we come home.


In the run up to our departure I'll be getting to know the other members of staff who'll be accompanying me and meeting the team of students we'll be taking with us and, together, we'll all be fundraising to cover the costs associated with our project. The journey starts right now!


To make sure that I don't miss out on documenting any of it - the 'getting to know you' meetings, the fundraising, everything - I've put together a mini-book using some of my Counterfeit Kit.


I've used a lot of papers from my versions of Into The Woods and Sunny Clearing, because the colours are so vibrant - just how I expect India to be. I've also added in scraps leftover from my projects using the other kits, so I've used up quite a bit of stash!


Packing List

To add extra details to my mini-book, I've added some stamped images using my Make The Day Special. stamp sets, All About The Journey and A Girl & Her Adventures. I don't think there could be any stamps sets more perfect for documenting this trip. And aren't they beautiful?


I'm so impressed that I've been able to use my kits from the Counterfeit Kit Challange this month despite being extremely busy. Obviously having everything ready in kit form is just what I need. I cannot wait to find out which kit we'll be counterfeiting next month!


  1. That's amazing! You'll have such a fulfilling personal journey and INDIA! Wow. Just wow. So excited for you!

  2. This is such a beautiful book - so exciting to start filling it. Sounds like it's going to be a huge adventure! *jealous*

  3. Wow! Congrats! Your mini book is gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing all about your travels. :-)

  4. Brilliant! I loved those stamps with suitcases! So cute.

  5. How exciting for you, Clair!!! Congratulations!

    I just LOVE the minibook you have created to document your travels - the colors are so bright and fun. It already LOOKS like India! xo

  6. What a perfect little book to record your adventure. It's totally gorgeous and I wish I had a reason to create one for myself! Such wonderfully vibrant colours - stunning.

  7. Wow, what a fabulous opportunity Clair! Your book is beautiful and will be perfect to document such a special jourrney!

  8. I love your minibook and all the lovely bright colours. Those stamps are perfect and I especially like the suitcase one.
    I too can't wait to see what this months CFK will be.

  9. Wowees! Loving your book Clair, have fun planning the trip :)

  10. Clair, this is such wonderful news!! You'll have an amazing time, I'm sure. Can't wait to see how you fill up that lovely book.

  11. Oh how wonderful - the mini-book of scraps used so creatively, AND also the opportunity to visit somewhere exotic and not just be a tourist! Have a wonderful time planning the trip and enjoy the adventure when it arrives.

  12. It's come together so beautifully! And I can't wait to hear every last detail of the trip and see all your stunning photos :-) So excited for you!! xx

  13. I love how you have made this mini album from the paper pad! It looks great. The papers will be perfect for India too!

  14. Sounds exciting! Ur mini book is amazing!


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