Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mini Makes For Valentines

Whilst I was putting together my Counterfeit Kit with The Awesome One, I came across a little bag of sequins in her stash and had a 'eureka' moment. Mel graciously let me steal them on the condition that I share what I did with them. So, as soon as I got home on Friday night, I sat down in my little craft room, pulled out some pieces from my kit and made some mini cards to send to some of my friends - just a little reminder that I love them too!

Mini Valentines Card

To make a similar card all you need is a card base, a piece of acetate that matches the size of the card front, stazon, sequins, a sewing machine and, of course, your favourite stamps. Mine are from Make The Day Special.

Stamp your image or sentiment into the middle of the acetate using your Stazon and set it aside to dry for a couple of minutes. When the ink dries, place it onto the front of your card and sew around three edges using your sewing machine.

Leave the needle down, through your acetate and cardstock and carefully stuff some sequins through the open edge of the acetate pocket - make sure that they aren't near the edge. Then sew around the edge of the card a couple more times to finish off. Simple!

I'm sure you could adapt this idea to all sorts of occasions - and all sorts of projects. I'm just glad that for once, I managed to sit down and make something as soon as I thought of it.


  1. Cute, sweet, and simple. LOVE this project!!!

  2. Hooray! You did it :-) Great use of the stamp, too. You realise I want the sequins back now I've seen what can be done with them?! xx

  3. I have so may sequins...I'm COMPLETELY inspired.. Love it!

  4. What a fun card! Thx for sharing the technique.

  5. really cute card. great idea.

  6. So clever *and* adorable. Completely love them. :)

  7. These are seriously adorable! The sequens are a perfect touch!


  8. Nice to see you back! Cute card - don't know where you find the time to do so many crafts. All good stuff ...


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