Monday, 29 November 2010

Fringe Necklace (The Altered Element}

I've spent the last week in label sticking, envelope stuffing miserableness, so you'll have to forgive me for my lack of blogging. However, I'm sneaking in one last recycled project for The Altered Element DT - a super cute, fringe necklace made with the beads from some 'recycled' jewellery and some rather lovely, leather thong.

I have a massive collection of beads that I've saved from broken necklaces or from old and outdated pieces that I've found at my local car boot sale. I've been wanting to make a necklace using some of the larger beads for quite some time now, but couldn't find a leather thong thin enough to fit through most of my beads.

Fringe Bead Necklace

However, at just 1mm thick and only 30 pence per metre, the leather thong from The Altered Element is perfect (and it comes in dark brown or natural/nude too!)

To make your own version of this necklace you'll need at least two metres of leather thong, some recycled beads (or maybe a selection like the Dress It Up Beads which come in a wide range of colour mixes.) You'll also need some end caps, some jump rings and a lobster clasp to finish your necklace.

To start, simply cut one piece of thong to the desired length of your necklace, then cut additional pieces of thong to a variety of lengths for the fringe. Add beads to each smaller piece of thong and then, keeping the longer pieces towards the middle, add them to your main length of thong using lark's head knots.

To complete your necklace, fasten an end cap to each end of the necklace, then add a clasp using a couple of your jump rings. Done!


  1. Lovely Calir what fab colours I have left you a blogg award on my blogg

  2. oo sorry hun my fingers slipped lol I meant the lovely and talented Clair there is an award on my blogg for you x

  3. So pretty! Love all the color. I get a kick out of "car boot" I don't know why, it just makes me giggle. In a nice way, not in a stupid American way.

  4. Ooooh, Clair, I love this necklace! Makes me want to pull out the old bead collection and give it a try. Thanks for the how-to tips too. xo

  5. me again getting a habit this My blogg is working again. I have have left an award on my blogg for you feel free to join in the fun if you want but don't feel under any pressure x

  6. Oh, now this is rather gorgeous :-) Another one I can't wait to see in person! xx


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