Saturday, 6 November 2010

And Now For The Good News.....

I'm On The Altered Element Design Team!!! I am absolutely delighted to be joining The Altered Element Design Team. If you haven't visited The Altered Element before then I think that you're in for a treat. The shop is full to the brim of the most amazing supplies - and is especially proud to stock some of those hard to find items.

I'm joining a seriously talented team of crafters and you can, of course, keep up with all of our design team projects over at The Altered Element Blog However, could I also encourage you to check out everyone's personal blogs? It will be worth it! Visit them here - Anikraft, Adorn, Crafty Makes, Welcome To My World, Mixed Media Musings, Jasmoon Butterfly, Gingersnap Creations, Crafty Dawn, Zuzu's Petals and Inspired Scilly.

And, as if that's not enough good news - I have a new job! I was due to end my current contract at the end of October and, with mum suddenly becoming ill, I had hardly managed to start looking for a new role. I managed to complete an application form for the one job that I really, really wanted. I was invited for an interview, which for obvious reasons, was difficult to attend while mum was ill. But, I knew that she would want me to attend the interview - she always did want what was best for us - and perhaps in some ways, having something else on my mind took away all my usual pre-interview nerves because I was offered the role.

I started last Monday and I can honestly say that I already feel settled. I'm doing a role that I love - working in a university careers department - and my new team are amazing.

For all this - and for the lovely comments and e-mails I've received since my last post - I am extremely grateful x


  1. Oh how wonderful! I've been thinking about you a lot and am delighted to hear you sounding happy.

    If only you worked in the careers dpt in my Uni, we could 'do' lunch and craft together in the staff room!


  2. Clair I am so glad there are some shining moments for you now - you will make a wonderful contribution on the Design Team and being happy at work is a great comfort :-)

  3. Fantastic news and thoroughly deserved, well done you!

  4. So sorry to hear about your mum - only just catching up on my 'followed blogs'. Glad to see the silver lining shining through and wishing you every success in your new job and your new role on the 'Altered Element' Team. I'm sure you'll be a great inspiration. xx

  5. Many, many congratulations Clair. I'm so glad to hear of a couple of "boosts" for you

  6. yay fantastic news you will be an asset to the team I know I knew before but just wanted to say it again congratulations. Fantastic news on the job front as well hun just what you need xx

  7. yey congrats on the job and design team. loving ur new header too. hope things are going better,
    jo xxxx

  8. congrats on the new job and on making the DT!!! exciting!!!!

    love the bottle caps tutorial.


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