Sunday, 9 May 2010

Normal Service Is Resuming {Scrap Sunday}

I'm finally managing to settle into a routine that works around my new job (can anyone else believe that it's been five weeks since I started?) and I'm looking forward to working on new projects and blogging more regularly now that I no longer require afternoon naps!

One thing that I'm particularly looking forward to is contributing to Operation: Tackle That Beading Stash. After Sarah, who set up the blog, linked to my Bead & Button Bracelet Tutorial, I pretty much invited myself onto the team. (If you don't ask, you don't get, right?)

The reason that I'm so pleased to be working with these lovely ladies is because, although I don't often feature my beading, it was actually my first crafty love and I wouldn't have tried scrapbooking, card making, glass painting, embroidery or sewing without having discovered a patience that I never knew I had.

Seed beads really are very fiddly and I realised that if I could cope with them, then I could easily cope with sticky tape, ribbons and threads.

Beading: My First Crafty Love

In honour of my joining the team, I've (finally) completed a scrapbook layout that I started on National Scrapbooking Day over a week ago. It features a photograph of one of my beaded necklaces and, of course, some handmade beaded embellishments in the form of branches. See the little leaf shaped beads? Love.

Handmade Beaded Branch Detail

I also added some of my hand rolled ribbon roses, which are one of my current favourites, along with some hand cut leaves and sewing pin details. With all of the handmade details, embroidery and all of the gems I had to stick on with superglue one by one, this layout took an absolute age to finish, but I think it's worth it. For my first (crafty) love.

Handmade Roses Detail

Looking forward to catching up with some of my own favourite blogs this week and resuming normal, blogging service. Leaves on the tracks permitting.


  1. Definitely one worth putting in a box-frame and hanging on your wall!
    Love the little beaded tree, with the shiny swirl next to it, the deep red ribbon roses, with those fab deep turquoise leaves & pins. It all fits together so beautifully.
    A great scrap page!

  2. So pretty!!!!! And so nice to have you back!

    Do you ever submit to magazines? Like SI? You really ought to you know?

    I hope you keep your strength up - I have a plan that involves you in some way shape or form .... be warned!

    Thanks for all your support for the C+P party this weekend.


  3. Ooh, pretty! Five weeks? Really? I think time might be speeding up :)

  4. Yay! It's beautiful :-) Worth waiting for! xx

  5. i cant believe uve been employed for 5 weeks its gone so fast. im hoping it wont take as long as 2 months to get my crb checks back otherwise i'll be going stircrazy to start my new job.
    love the necklace details, looks really complicated but beautiful. i love the beading and bling on this LO there is so much detail to see. may have to scraplift ur LO and some of the ideas if u dont mind?
    Jo xxxx

  6. Ooh gorgeous stuff! That's ok Clair, I didn't realise it was you either! How are you?

  7. Your page is gorgeous! Just gorgeous! How ever did you sew in a circle? I have no talent for that sort of thing.

  8. New job? That's awesome!

    And your leaves/branches are so clever :)

    love, Julie

  9. Hi Clair ~ I love all the elements on this page you have created! Absolutely beautiful! And congratulations on being part of a beading may just inspire me to drag out all of my beading supplies. That's all I did a few years ago myself. :o)


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