Monday, 8 March 2010

Fit For Fashion {Fashion Forward}

Regular readers of Fashion Forward might remember that I recently discussed how the thought of a stunning new outfit has been keeping me motivated in my quest for health and fitness. There's nothing quite like the promise of a slinky new dress - and the body to fit in it - to keep you're training programme on track.

Over the past month or so I've been walking every day, increasing either the speed, distance or duration of my walks, in an effort to feel fitter and healthier. I'll be honest, the inches are not exactly dropping off me, but I know that will come later - when I start running. Later on today!


So, instead of reading fashion and interior design magazines or scouring the internet for the latest indie designers, I must confess that I have instead spent the week reading Runner's World and, as a result, my choice of footwear this week is a little different. Sorry!

I already have a pair of functional Asics. They are, in my opinion, the dream running shoe. They're light, soft and unbelieveably comfortable - but they are made solely for road running and my true love is cross country running. There is something very freeing about lacing up a pair of trail shoes; heading out of the door and across the fields or along the coastline with only nature as a companion.

So, as a little incentive, when I'm able to run five miles continually, I'll be buying a pair of these beauties - Asics Gel Trail Attacks, and heading for the hill. Just saying. In case anyone fancies joining me!

If you're playing along this week, please add your link below. I'm fairly certain everyone will be dying to get away from my training plans and would love to see pretty dresses and fantastic shoes as standard!


  1. I tend to stay on track with my workouts when I'm working toward a goal, which is usually a reward of sorts rather than an actual fitness goal. You know my shoe choices are generally closer to yours, but there is the one exception to fancy footwear and it is exercise. Enjoy your run! Pretty soon you'll be running the Boston Marathon and I'll cheer you on as you run right past my house and then we'll celebrate with alcohol!

  2. Enjoy may not be quite the right word, I'll be happy with 'do' for the next couple of weeks :)

  3. I admire anyone who can run. I've tried to become a runner at different points in my life, yet I just could not stick with it. Those sneakers are perfect incentive to try again though. I love the pink and gray. Right up my alley. Congratulations on your fitness plans! And thank you - you're motivating me to take working out a bit more seriously.

  4. A new outfit is a fab motivational tool and one person's trainers are another person's Manolos!

  5. Dear Clair, I regret that I am unable to accept your kind invitation to run with you. I do however wish you well in this new venture and I'm pleased to see that you are going for it :-)

    PS I love the trainers xx

  6. love the pink on fashionable as well as functional

  7. Running shoes? You're scaring me..
    But I'm also wishing you well!

  8. They look quite comfy. Could reallly do with a new pair of trainers. Mine are the exact same ones that I used for P.E when I was 14...Shows how much exercise i've done since!

    Can you tweet while you run? It'll be just like i'm there.



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