Monday, 22 March 2010

Casually Classic {Fashion Forward}

I've been so busy this last week the time I usually spend flicking through fashion magazines and sipping champagne (!) has instead been spent catching up the latest episode of Desperate Housewives and some well deserved sleep. So, this week's Fashion Forward is short - but still sweet!

I've been looking for the perfect spring/summer top to wear casually with jeans and a cute jacket - something I can wear for a lunch date with my mum; something I could wear shopping with my sisters; or something I could wear to the movies with some friends. It needs to be simple, but stylish and casual but classy. Eventually, I found it in the form of this beautiful Handmade Teal Twig Cowl from Recession. Isn't it glorious?

Since I don't wear them all that often, a fantastic pair of earrings will always make me feel special - and these Blue Rain Earrings from Fleur Fatale are just the thing to finish off a casually classic outfit. Now, I just need to start filling up my diary.

And, before you leave, a little news. Katherine and I have decided to bring Fashion Forward to an end. Much as we've enjoyed these last few months of shoes, shopping and solidarity, we'd like to spend our blogging hours creating some tutorials, crafty projects (and in Katherine's case, the odd vlog!)

We're hoping you'll join us for one last Fashion Forward next week when I'll be hosting a little giveaway. Oh and the dress code for our farewell party? Come as you are x

Edited: We realise just how much time it takes everyone to put together their posts and we're very grateful to everyone who's joined us. We will, of course, be staying in touch.

Edited (Even Later): And.....I forgot the Mr. Linky. Duh! This is what happens to me when I have no sleep!


  1. Love that top Clair just the type I would wear and so chic and classic. I have enjoyed your fashion forward and looking at everyone's different styles, but I am sure we will will all still like following you when you do one of your fantastic tutorials xx

  2. What? What? What? Oh man...I AM SO SAD!

  3. That's a gorgeous top. I love that teal, it's stunning. I suspect you will still be including the odd clothes related post or two!

  4. The top is lovely, but Fleur Fatale's earrings are absolutely gorgeous! I'm a fan of her jewellery :)

    ... and I'm sad that Fashion Forward will come to an end! I haven't been participating lately, but I was enjoying the fun... I'll join for the last edition next week!

    And we'll be staying in touch :)

  5. Clair, I love this top and those earrings. I'm in the market for a new pair of earrings (I actually wear the same pair every single day for a few months, then switch off to a new pair) so I'm opening Fleur Fatale in another tab as we speak.

    I'm sad to see Fashion Forward end, but it has been so much fun. Tis the season for new beginnings though. I'm excited to see how Monday blog posts evolve for everyone. Thanks again for all of your hosting loveliness!

  6. :( It's sad! I feel like i'm losing a day of the week.

    Loving that that top. It's just the kind of thing I'd wear. When i'm not sloshing around in joggers and a huge hoodie that is!


  7. The top is very cute!

    I'm so so sad that FF is going away. What will I do on Mondays now...
    I'm glad I came on blogland this week, even though I'm super busy or else I would have missed it! See you all next week for the last one! :(

  8. I'll miss Fashion Forward. =(
    Nice final post for FF, Clair.

  9. I want that top!! Sad news about FF, but I'm hoping for the occasional 'FF special' now and then x


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