Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Welcome Back Nikon D40!

Should you ever want to purchase a new camera, but know that you need one which can fall down a flight of concrete steps, one which can fall off a window shelf and one which can be kicked (accidentally) across the bedroom floor - not all at once, of course - and still survive, then I would highly recommend the heroic Nikon D40.

Here's a little of what we've missed:

Life can finally go back to normal! Looking forward to showing you some of the crafty projects that I've been working on; putting up some tutorials and just generally showing off!

*Contented sigh!*


  1. Can't wait to see all the projects!!!! I have fallen off of the band wagon as well and hope to get back on soon :)By the way, those are some pretty photos. I especially like the first one and the last one ;)

  2. So happy that you have your camera back!! What a beautiful snow - the way you've captured the light in the third photo is amazing!

  3. glad ur baby is working well and life is returning to normal clair, i have the lurgy!!!!! :(( so am writing from my pit AKA comfy bed!! hahah. By the way did u get my emails?? just wondering, not being pushy,
    Jo xxx

  4. I'd say you didn't really like that little camera. It was a battered camera! You are a camera batterer. Just kidding. Glad it is all fixed up and you can start showing off again. Also good to know the Nikon can take a couple beatings.

  5. Hurrah for the hardy Nikon! Glad you're back to normal.

  6. Hooray hooray for the return to health of The Camera!! I shall make sure the gingerbread looks as beautiful as possible ready for a photo shoot...

    PS Those snow pics are *stunning* :-)

  7. Wow gorgeous photos of the snow...I live in Australia and we dont come even CLOSE to snow in our winter!!!


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