Sunday, 31 January 2010

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

I've been a bit of a quiet blogger of late - just popping in every now and then to share something quick and leave some comments for other bloggers. I've been a little pre-occupied recently and my concentration has been almost non-existent. January is usually like this, luckily it's February tomorrow! (Surely it was Christmas just last week?)

And, fingers crossed, I shall be picking up my camera tomorrow afternoon; photographs of crafty projects will ensue and normal service will resume shortly. So. Hello old friends. Hello new followers. Thanks so much for sticking with me (or joining me) while I've been on the down low. Looking forward to seeing more of you very soon x


  1. Hi Clair! I think we all know what it feels like... the ebb and flow of blogging. My server's been down all morning so I'm happy it's finally working (another ebb + flow?!). Looking forward to when you come back. Kx

  2. i still love you darling,
    jo xxx


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