Monday, 21 December 2009

Too Much Choice? {Fashion Forward}

Last night, I sat down to write today's Fashion Forward post and I suddenly found that I was unable to decide what to write about. Would it be sequins, studs or skinny jeans? Would I write about my current love for soft pinks and warm greys? Or would I choose to tell you about my, rather unhealthy, obsession for creating sets in Polyvore?

Faced with seemingly unlimited choice I couldn't make a decision. This morning, I realised that this is exactly how many of us feel when we go shopping for clothes. So, in the run up to the holiday sales - and the complete lack of judgement we all experience when faced with a half price coat that we've wanted for ages, but just happens to be a size too small - I thought I'd share some of my favourite fashion guides (and this super stylish set I found whilst wasting time, um... I mean researching ideas, on Polyvore.)

charming lady

Charming Lady by Kristen-Funny

If you haven't seen Sally McGraw's blog, Already Pretty, then please head on over there immediately for the the most sensible advice on finding your own style I've ever read. When you love yourself, and the body you have, you'll find that your clothes will bring you enjoyment as well as confidence. (I'm still working on this!)

For advice on putting together a classic, capsule wardrobe full of elegant clothes, you can't beat a bit of advice from Auntie Gok. Gok Wan's website is full to bursting with advice, trends and competitions - and there's a really handy Style Consultation which will help you choose the right clothes for you and your body type.

There's also Academichic - a style blog full of the most amazing outfits that, get this, actually work in the real world. There's a fastastic Fashion 101 section, full of advice on fashion basics like combining colours, playing with patterns and working on your own style.

After all that, if you still find yourself trying to make a tough decision during the sales, just remember this essential piece of advice from my mum - "If you wouldn't buy it at it's full price, don't buy it just because it's on sale."

If you want to play along today, please pop on over to see Katherine and leave us a link to your post!


  1. Oh great, there went my plans for being ultra efficient today and getting tons of crap crossed off my to-do list. Instead I'll be reading these blogs, following their endless links, and creating new lists, of must-buy items. Way to go Clair. Thanks a bunch! Just kidding. I need no excuse to procrastinate, I'm an expert at it.

  2. Oh Cindy! Just think of all the time you'll save buying and then returning clothes you don't need and don't suit you. You'll thank me eventually....that's if you can pull yourself away from the internet long enough to go shopping!

    I love being a bad influence x

  3. Your Mum's piece of advice is fab - I think everyone has bought something in a sale at least once that made them think afterwards "oh, that's why it was half price..." or at least i have!

    Those links are fab. I love Gok Wan,I want him to sort out my wardrobe!!!

  4. Great advice, thanks Clair and Clair's Mum x

  5. that is some great advice. thank you clair's mum! it's so true, although i find it hard to stick to. le black dress is gorgeous, def something i would wear for a xmas party :) the sequin shoes are fab! love love love.

    france is very pretty, the house is gorgeous and the men here are tres easy on the eye! i'm limited on my internet acess so i'll posting is difficult but ff will be up, just might not be able to do week day posts!


  6. Such great advice! I always try and figure out if the item is something I'll continue thinking about once I leave the store. Often times I realize it's something I can live without! Even if at the time I feel like I'll die if I don't make the purchase. Oh, the perils of being a shopaholic.

  7. Oh man! Great advice Mum...I just can't resist a good sale though..wonk! Loving the collection

  8. wow love the look Clair and those shoes are to die for x

  9. I'm going to be hiding in my room "wrapping presents" but really checking out those sites this week! Also, I'm always in awe of your Polyvore collections. They're beautiful!

  10. SOOOOO, I took the style conslutaion and found that I am a perfect pear must keep in mind that I do carry extra weight on me and my bangers{I'm still picking my self up off the floor on that one} are a tad bigger but not buxom...soooo now I gotta go see what I see in my closet, you got me remembering the clothes I wore all through highschool, it's amazing how things go around and come back again. Well, me,myself and I are thinking about buying some pears and taking a photo. Happy happies.

  11. The bad influence side of Clair comes out...heehee!


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