Thursday, 24 December 2009

Peace & Good Scrapping!

I've been on quite the journey this year and I'm facing 2010 with several major hurdles to overcome, but I have a growing sense that things are improving and that I'm up for the challenge. However, sometimes I feel as though I've got so much to think about and so much to tackle that it can seem difficult to think about my goals without feeling overwhelmed. So, in order to keep things simple, I decided to concentrate on one simple goal for 2010 - to find peace within myself.


Imagine then my surprise and delight when Melissa (who co-ordinates our DT over at AAM) told me that All About Me and Scrapbooking From The Inside Out were teaming up to issue a seasonal scrapbooking challenge - with the theme of peace. Do head over and take a look at the rest of the layouts from the DT and, if you can find yourself some peace (and quiet) to join in, there's a beautiful kit prize to be had.

Peace Detail

I wanted my layout to feel seasonal so I tackled it in my usual way - by gathering up all of my current favourites. I ended up with a sheet of musical cardstock (no idea who it's by) and several scraps leftover from making my December Daily album (which I've not got around to starting yet!) The embellishments that I've included, both the dove and the beaded branch, are handmade by me - I'm such a clever so and so! :)

Peace Detail 1

I then distressed the life out of all the cardstock and paper pieces (this is great for ridding yourself of any seasonal stress) layered everything up, then stitched and glued it all down. I love the way it's turned out and, actually, just looking at it feels like a small acheivement in itself!

I'm not going to be around now until the next Fashion Forward on the 28th, so I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas (or Season's Greetings.) See you then! x


  1. I literally gasped at this, I *love* it :-) Fantastic distressing and layering and handmade embellishments - just beautiful :-)

    Have a great Christmas xx

  2. Love it Clair so you ! love the dove great embelishment it is funny, that is what I used for my Christmnas card this year so may use that x

  3. Clair, this is so beautiful! The dove, the pearl branch, the notebook paper, all wonderful :)


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