Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Oh No!

I'm such a doofus! I've had to spend this afternoon scrapbooking (oh, woe is me!) because I muddled up the design team prompts for All About Me's December Challenges - and since the reveal is tomorrow.....I didn't want to let the lovely Melissa down. Still, it means that I'm now ahead of myself - because I've already got my layout ready for the prompt later in December.

Why am I telling you this, you ask? Well. I've not had time to edit and upload photographs and write instructions for my promised tutorial. Note to self - next time you promise a tutorial, have it finished first! It's always the way, half and hour to make - several afternoons to write the tutorial. So, the tutorial may appear later today, or it may appear some time tomorrow. I think!

It's A Beauty

In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with this photograph of a little lovely that came in the post today. It's a gift from Kylie. So, so pretty. Kylie's embroidery skills are pretty amazing, don't you think?


  1. Poor doofus xx

    Glad you gain time later though :-)

    And that little lovely is _gorgeous_!

  2. What a beautiful brooch! Oh my goodness, it's just the perfect mix of folksiness and sophistication.

  3. oo me likee you are so lucky, and for the other just think all the extra time you have to do other things :-)

  4. oh, that is gorgeous!!! Lucky lucky you!

    hey, this means you have lots more time to do other stuff...:) or maybe do a second LO. :P

  5. So glad it arrived safely Clair! Very happy that you like it too :)
    Thanks for the link-love. Kx

  6. oh it's stunning and it's packaged so nicely.

    You are so flipping organised and just so ahead of yourself. i know you'll laugh at that...lets just agree that you're about twice as organised as i am! :D

    See you Monday for FF.



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