Monday, 7 December 2009

Bright Here, Bright Now {Fashion Forward}

Although I'm hankering after one particular little black dress, I'm also thinking about the need to inject a little bit of cheer into my dreary winter wardrobe.

It's quite common, at this time of year, for the high street to fill up with jewel tones and metallics, but what about livening things up a little with a pure pop of colour to make you stand out in the crowd?

Bright Here, Bright Now

Couture Bow Sheen Dress, £18; Raisins Bali Bliss Swim Cover Up, £26; Alice Yellow Bow Evening Dress, £65, Bubble Tulip Dress, £60; Sheen Bubble Pleat Dress, £9; Cutwork Shift Dress, £45; Green Strapless Dress, £35;

These dresses are all flattering, require very little in the way of accessories and, more importantly, can be bagged for as little as £9. So you need less time to get ready to go out and you'll have more money to party with! Hurrah!

Fashion Forward is with Katherine this week. If you want to play along (or would just like to have a bit of a nose at the trends taking everyone else's fancy this week) pop on over and say hello.

Edited: I'm assuming Katherine is having trouble with internet connection, so I'm going to link everyone up here for today. We'll sort something out for next week and point everyone in the right direction. Sorry folks! :)

And what's with the big, red crosses? Obviously going to be one of those days!


  1. ohohoh they are so cheerful! I wante the green one bottom right it's lovely!

  2. Happy Monday Clair!

    Love the bright colors!!!

    Where do I submit my FF on Paper Pocket? Has the post been made as yet?

  3. Such a cute title! Love the first dress with the interesting bow detail.

  4. You and me - we're on the same page. I absolutely need bright, happy colors right now. I love that little pink tulip dress. So perfectly pretty!

  5. Ooh, lovely and bright and colourful and just what I need on an otherwise sombre day :-)

    (So sorry, I'm dipping out again this week - can't fit it round JYC, blog train and birthdays - but hope to back next week xx)

  6. Oh Clair you absolute star! Thank you for taking over on your first Monday off!!!!!

    I spy mustard yellow. My new favourite colour!


  7. Love the shoulders on the little pink number!! Oh, and the yellow cover up. Perfect allllll year 'round.

  8. Those are all so pretty! Especially the blue.

  9. That pink one and its shoulder straps got me to thinking why no one has done this before...why not go for a little more coverage and warmth with shoulder pads. like a pink and red plaid or pink and grey plaid or hot pink or high contrast with a light color linen? huh? tell me why no one has ever thought of this before? I like that yellow one tooo and OKAY already...the green one as well. You could even make the pads like they do ribbon watchbands and have a small wardrobe of shoulder pads. Happy happies.


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