Saturday, 3 October 2009

Time Is Ticking Away - Clocktoberfest

Amy over at Badskirt has put together a cute, little list of Blogtoberfest Ideas - just to help everyone get the party started - and on the list today, Clocktober. (I should admit right now, that I almost missed the 'L' out of the title above and today's post could have been somewhat different. Too funny.)

Anyway, moving swiftly on. In fact, that phrase along pretty much nails it. Everything seems to be moving swiftly on. I'm still in shock that it's October. I feel a little bit disorientated - like when you're sat on a train at the station and the train on the opposite platform starts moving, and just for a moment you can't tell whether it's your train or the one opposite that's started? Well that's how I feel. Am I making any sense?

This little lovely sits on the windowsill in my craft room and reminds me that I need to get a move on.

There seems to be so much that I need to catch up on - blogging friends, works in progress, housework. Okay, maybe I can ignore the housework. And I just can't seem to stop taking on more projects. I think it's an odd form of procrastination. How can I possibly finish that project if I have to start this one? You see?

So, I'm looking for organisational tips and advice from all the wonderful people that successfully manage to work from home, keep the house immaculate and still have a life. Please. Help me.


  1. Very funny about leaving the L out! I would have laughed! :-D I will try to keep up with your daily blogging, good luck!

  2. What the 'L'?! That would have been well dodgy... ;-) I love that clock, but I would so want to use my alcohol inks on it. Oh, I don't really work from home, my house is FAR from immaculate, and I definitely don't have a life, so can't help, sorry. (I am wonderful, though. Naturally.)

  3. Whoa, whoa, hold up - read posts properly - you have your own craft room??? You can seriously go off people... *jealous* *sulk*


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