Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Hard Day's Work (& Shop)

So, a huge big thank you for the feedback about the changes I'd started making to the blog this morning. There's still a few things that aren't working with some of my older posts; the sidebar pictures still need turning into buttons and there's some more additions/changes that I want to make.

Overall though, I'm really pleased with my little self. I've managed to work my way through html, photoshop and blogger templates without wanting to kill anyone (though the air was quite blue yesterday afternoon.) That's quite the achievement for me - I didn't understand any of it when I started blogging back in April.

As if that's not enough, I managed to find some shockingly neon pink hoop earrings today - and bought them. (Shame on me!) What can I say, they were 75p. A bargain, I tell you. Yay for me!


  1. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THE PICTURE BACK ON THE LEFT SIDE {my eyeballs are HAPPY now!!}!! I wonder what the 'just me' would look like on the bottom of the Polaroid? Way to go on the SHOCKINGLY NEON PINK hoop earrings {75p?}!! I wonder If I could be called a geek??? I forgot to tell you that I like that fashion forward film strip up yonder. Happy happies. Ferriswheel is cool toooo. I wish I knew where my it's a hard days night record album was.

  2. Cool :-) Like the header, and I agree - your pic 'sits' better on the left hand side. Can't wait to see the earrings! Will we all get to add the Fashion Forward filmstrip when it's a button? Yay....

  3. Your blog looks great! I share your sentiments exactly regarding having to deal with HTML. I didn' know a thing either when I first started.

  4. looking good! love the header and yay for getting through all the html. i remember when i was trying to add the 3rd column when i 1st started & the html drove me insane. you are sounding very calm ♥

  5. Your blog looks so cute! I love the new header.


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