Monday, 12 October 2009

Fringe Benefits {Fashion Forward}

Fringe. It's in. Big time. Who would have guessed? And, perhaps more to the point, who would have guessed that I'd be jumping onto the wagon, instead of falling off it for a change? But I couldn't resist the temptation to style up these beautiful Alexander McQueen boots. They have tassles on! I mean, tassles!

I'm fairly certain that the rest of the outfit looks a little whimsical, but give me a chance to explain it's practicalities. Ignore the huge cost of the rather aspiration products I've used and think, for a moment, of the items you already have in your summer wardrobe.

Cute vest tops, prairie skirts and gladiator sandals, combined with a beach bag and oversized sunnies, made the perfect lazy summer afternoon outfit. But, as the weather becomes a little chillier, you can ensure that your summer wardrobe still works for you just be adding in some new accessories - brown leather boots, an oversize cardigan, a waist cinching belt and some opaque grey tights. All of which will carry you through the autumn/winter season and are, therefore, excellent investments - but I'm guessing that you probably have them already. (I will not let you blame your shopping splurges on me. Oh no!)

Great Western

You can click directly into the Polyvore set, for additional details about the items I've chosen. (If you want to see just how much that particular double breasted cardigan would cost and work out whether you'd still be able to eat!)

For more information about Fashion Forward and to join in, please visit Katherine over at Paper Pocket - and remember that at the end of the month I'll be choosing a random participant for a little surprise. Just in case, a love of shoes wasn't enough.


  1. I saw those shoes on Polyvore and nearly died! I love them soooo much. i'd love to have a prarie skirt. I have a white skirt in my to-do basket that i was planning on making all ruffly and all i need is a horse.


  2. Love the jacket! That I could wear :) I appreciate the other things but... sorry guys, I wish I could ho-down with the best of them but I just can't do it ;) I'd get my tassles tangled and my petticoats looking peculiar in no time. Love the styling though! :) K

  3. Does that mean that I'm on trend because I have a fringe?! And no, I don't have opaque grey tights - I already blame my new purple leggings on you, now I'll just _have_ to buy the next pair of grey opaques I see (in my size, obviously...) which is also totally, absolutely, irrefutably YOUR FAULT!! ;-)

  4. Oh my goodness. I think that those boots are going to haunt me in my dreams. They are too beautiful! I love the entire outfit.

  5. I love how you incorporated summer pieces to wear now. I think 75% of your wardrobe should consist of 3 season pieces, that way you get more bang for your fashion buck. And those shoes? Those shoes!!!!

  6. Howdy! I forgot and left my longjohns hangin' on the clothes wire, now they're home to some birds. I like the lines of that jacket. I'm wondering what that boot would look like with a thicker and healthier heel? I started this comment early in my morning and I went lookin' at my frilly skirts and forgot all about it!!! Well, this and that later and whie eating a late lunch...happy happies Clair.

  7. OH I love the jacket. I like the boots in theory, but if I wore them I'd fall over and all shoe fans would attack me in the street for daring to sully such great footwear. Think I will stick to my flats!

  8. Loving this...I played along again :)

  9. I am glad the long white skirts are still in. I love them b/c they are pretty AND comfortable!
    Thanks for popping by and saying hi!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  10. Just stopping by to say that I LOVE that birds on a wire painting! My bed thinks it would look great above it - but my bank account says no way.


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