Monday, 21 September 2009

Geek Is The Colour For Autumn

Today feels like the first day of autumn. I think it's the combination of the cool, crispness in the air, the golden sunshine and plenty of tea and biscuits. I'm assuming that it's a direct link between years of starting a new term in September, but this particular season almost always teases me with the idea starting over and learning something new.

I'm excited that this year, I'll be spending my autumn taking some practical photography classes; taking a flower arranging class and participating in Kara's lovely Fall In Love Class.


That's right, when it comes to autumn, I feel I can embrace my inner geek freak. Out come the books, the thick tights and the nerdy spectacles. It becomes perfectly acceptable to layer your clothes in an odd fashion; go for walks in your wellies and drink tea from a flask. But it's also okay to stay indoors, read poetry and watch old, romantic films like Barefoot In The Park. Oh, autumn. What's not to love?


  1. My skirt would be longer unless I was wearing for hubby, and I probably would have a wierderer mix of color and fabrics! You know who this is, over and out.

  2. Yay for Autumn! My fave season. But I think it is a-ok to embrace one's inner geek freak every season. I do!

  3. I love your choice in classes! Taking a photography class has got to go on my list.


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