Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Opinions Please - Mad Or Genius?

You may remember that some time ago I published my list of 30 Things To Do While I'm 30. Well, I am slowly and surely working my way through it. (You can check the list to see how I'm coming along.)

Yesterday I started tackling both No.3 and No.15 by sorting through my fabric stash, which mainly consists of fat quarters; some thrifted tablecloths and pillowcases; and a rather large pile of clothing that is waiting to be mended, re-fashioned or made into something exciting. Oh, and a rather large pile of tights with holes in them!

I should explain here that I'm the kind of person who puts ladders and holes in my tights very easily - no matter how thick they might be. Lying down on pavements to take photographs, decorating in dresses and just generally being the kind of girl to climb over walls whilst wearing skirts means that my poor old tights don't really stand a chance of having a long life. This makes me feel rather guilty. Too guilty, in fact, to throw them away.

So, when I came across my poor old tights in a corner today I was determined to do something with them (instead of shoving them back in the cupboard until the next clearout.) Inspired by Skacore Princess I ended up with.....

A Necklace Made From Recycled Tights Which Vaguely Resembles A Necklush. Catchy, huh?


Now, I'm thrilled with how this turned out (and not just because it frees up some space in my cupboard.) I've been coveting a Necklush for some time and my wardrobe is in dire need of a little funkifying. However, I've no idea whether this little number is actually mad or genius. I have, of course, asked The Steve's opinion but, lovely though he is, he's a man. I need girlie advice, you know?

Do you like it? Would you wear it? Is it tutorial worthy? Let me know, won't you? Before I wear it outside of the house.


  1. I love it! Because it's different and a little bit funky and come to think of it, would be great to wear on a chilly day. But even more because you're making something fun out of something that other people would toss. Bonus points to you!

    Jen L.

  2. Pick me, pick me,{at the edge of my school seat with my hand in the air} Clair, you have already taken the big step of wearing it outside-LOL!!! the word funkifying. I like it, as I was gasing{ i am leaving my misspelled word}GAZING at the picture I noticed the 'bookring' off to the side and it got be wondering about varying sizes down the front with or without beads and/or charms. looking at it more makes me wonder what adding a little fabric and simple braiding would look like mixed into what you have there? This has been ME, happy happies to you. p.s. as far as wearing it, yes and no- when not wearing some of my necklaces they end up as things to look at and 'pin' things to, soooo I think it would depend...I paused and went to put mine on, one of the things I found cool was to put clip earrings to the strands.

  3. I like it. I am afraid i wouldnt wear tho but thats because I flash too much cleavage at the best of times and don't really do scarves or stuff like that (speaking of which, have you seen that snoods are back in fashion??) but I do like it.

    Mind you, I had a friend who would cut the crotch and feet out of fishnets and wear it as a top beneath a black vest, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask?

    Re: tights. Switch to leggings. Makes clambering over walls and lying on the street a lot more socially acceptable.

  4. Jen - Thanks so much for your comments and e-mail. You're fast becoming a good friend!

    Joyce - This ones for ME. Selfish I know, but get your own tights :)

    Gem - I guess it still wouldn't be socially acceptable at 2am?

  5. I would so wear that if I was in a confident mood! Statement necklaces are a huge trend at the mo. I agree a braid in a contrast colour would make it look super special :)


  6. It's quite similar to a posh one that was bought for me a while back except mine has strands of different colours. Remind me to show it to you.

  7. Wow! Genius category I say! :) K

  8. oooo genius for sure! Hey my bloglines hasn't been working and I have heaps of reading to catch up on. I thought you had gone missing, Dam technology, can't trust it!!

  9. Oooh, lovely loveliness! I would definitely wear it. I get through many pairs of tights too. Mine tend to just gwt cut up for use as hair ties but this is far cooler x

  10. i LOVE it! i would wear it all the time. you are a crafty goddess :)

  11. It super, I would even try to mix it with inner tires of a bike. Made already cute things with this material too !


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