Friday, 28 August 2009

Making Mini Books From One Piece Of Cardstock

Before I start on the tutorial today, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's added my blog to their favourites; added themselves as a follower, or comments on my blog. I have been overwhelmed by the genuine 'niceness' of everyone I've encountered in the blogging world and, honestly, you have all been a boost to my confidence and have restored my faith in people.

Okay, smaltz over with, let's crack on with the tutorial.

Anyone who knows me in the 'real' world of scrapbooking, knows that I'm a bit, um...stingy with my scrapbooking supplies - I like to get some bang for my buck and I am regularly trying to find ways to stretch my supplies that bit further. I use this basic way to make mini books from one piece of cardstock. It's easy enough to complete in one sitting - and this makes it one of my favourites.

Tut 8

I should note that this tutorial is, in no way, original. There are lots of similar versions out there (and if you know of one, let me know so that I can link to it here.) But, I've been asked how I make these little books at scrapbooking crops and thought I'd share the way that I do it. So, here goes....

You'll need:
A sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock;
Some card/paper scraps to decorate;
Scissors, trimmer or craft knife;
Embellishments and photographs of your choice.

Take your piece of 12 x 12 cardstock and cut into three sections, each measuring 4 x 12.

Tut 2

Next, take one piece of the 4 x 12 cardstock pieces and fold in half. This will form the cover of your mini-book. (If you are using double sided cardstock, choose now which side of the cardstock you want to appear on the front of your mini book.)

Tut 3

Now take the second piece of 4 x 12 cardstock and measure sections of 3 1/2 inches, 4 inches and 4 1/2 inches. Score along the lines, but DO NOT CUT. (I missed out the photograph for this piece - sorry - but if you read through the rest of the instructions and check the following photographs, it should make sense!)

With the final piece of 4 x 12 cardstock, measure sections of 1 inch, 1 1/2 inches, 2 inches and 3 inches. (The remaining two inch section will be used to join our pieces together.) Score along the lines, cut off ONLY THE 1 INCH FLAP.

Tut 4

Tut 5

Score and fold the 1 inch piece in half, so that you have to flaps, 4 inches by 1/2 inch. Adhere one 1/2 inch flap to 4 1/2 fold of your second piece of 4 x 12 cardstock. (As shown below.) Then take your cover and adhere one side of the 1 inch flap to the back of the cover, right next to the fold. (Nestle it in as tightly as you can.) Now fit the final piece of cardstock to the booklet, by adhering the 2 inch section at the end of our final piece of 4 x 12 cardstock to the top most flap in our mini.

Tut 6

Bend all of the flaps (one forward, one backward) until the mini book forms an irregular accordion style booklet. If you're anything like me (I can't cut or score in a straight line!) the edges of your book might not line up properly, so just hold the covers together and trim them straight. And, you've finished - a cute, chunky little mini ready for your photographs and embellishments.

Tut 7

Hopefully, the instructions and the photographs are clear and easy to follow, but please let me know if you have any questions about the tutorial. And, if you have a go at making one, I'd be delighted if you left a link in the comments so that I can have a peek :)


  1. Hi there, dropped by from Shimelle's :-) Thanks for the tutorial, I'm addicted to mini-books! And I've enjoyed browsing the rest of your blog. Still stoked that you're my first follower!! This blogging thing looks addictive too... (

  2. Hey Clair, question? First, on the piece that we cut the 1 inch piece off and have the 2 inch section for adhesive I put an X to keep me straight. Here's the ? When you say the "top most flap" you are talking about the 3-1/2 inch section right? That means that the side that my X is on won't be seen- correct? I'm asking because when I do that my folds do not extend out to the binding fold-does that part matter so much{under your knuckle in pic}?

  3. It looks fantastic, but measuring, folding, and cutting? Yikes! I'll just admire the one you made and no one will get hurt.

  4. Well looking at your blog and Katharine's blog has made me feel very uncrafty, so i gave this a go.

    Yey!! I actually MADE something! I can't wait to get all the pretty things on it now... hmm, maybe one of those flowers you did a post on. Oooooh....

    Keep the tutorials coming, love! Spesh with the photos, am chuffed I can make this stuff!

  5. really cool tutorial!!! I still haven't attempted a mini, those things have been daunting to me...

    maybe I'll try yours and see if that catapults me into creating a whole bunch.


  7. yay fab tutorial hun you make a good teacher x

  8. What a great minibook! I just love it. Have to try this sometime this week (I hope...)

  9. awesome tutorial. I will definatley have to try this one. Love the mini books.

  10. How clever is this? And all from one measly sheet of 12x12! Great mini-book, thanks for the tutorial, Clair.. I can see Christmas pressies in the making.

  11. this is too cool! thanks so much for this awesome tutorial!!!

  12. Such a great little mini book. I've been looking for something new (to me anyway) and simple. I'm going to have to try one of these. Thanks for the tutorial.


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