Thursday, 9 July 2009

Road Trip Love (Things I Love Thursdays!)

I wasn't really planning a theme for my Things I Love Thursdays! mosaic this week. I just opened up my favourites and picked a few at random. Obviously my subconscious was awake well before I had my first cup of tea this morning and knew full well what I would choose to write about today.

My feet have started itching. It's not a fungus, I promise, I just miss travelling. I'm daydreaming of taking a road trip - of long, dusty roads ahead of me; of tea in flasks and campfires blazing in the night. It's an odd feeling. It's a need, rather than a want.

I'm not entirely sure where this wanderlust comes from or why, every so often, I feel the need to leave everything behind for a while, but it's like recharging my soul; my sense of self. It isn't that I want to bugger off into the wild, never to return - though I admit that I have thought about that occasionally. Taking some time away from my comfort zone and away from my routine allows me to see things differently. To put everything in perspective. To feel moments of magic when the only thing that you're thinking about is what could be around the next bend in the road, and the afternoon sunlight hits the leaves in the trees so that you're bathed in a brilliant golden light, and you turn on the radio just in time to catch the first bars of the perfect song, and you breathe in deeply, and everything is alright in the world.

It's those moments that we remember when we head back home and sink ourselves back into our routine. It isn't that our routines aren't welcome - too much excitement and uncertainty probably isn't good for us - but thinking about those magicial moments doesn't just remind us of our summer holidays. Those memories remind us that life isn't just about work, television or laundry; life is about relationships; life is about freedom; life is about living.

Road Trip Love (Things I Love Thursdays!)

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  1. What you say is so simple yet so true. I'm having some much needed time off this week and I can't wait! Enjoy your road trip!xxx


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