Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Having A Life Crisis & Looking For A New Job

The title's a bit of a private joke between friends - and it's only funny because it's true - but it sums up my day nicely. I've been really glad of the rain today. At least when it rains you feel as though you're allowed to stay under the covers and feel sorry for yourself. There's something truly awful about feeling wretched on a beautifully sunny day.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on My To Do List. I think crossing off a couple of items might make me feel as though I'm achieving something. And maybe, just maybe, I'll start on sorting our 500+ holiday photographs...


  1. Oh I'm sorry you've had a rubbish day, I hope it starts looking up soon :) I think I'll follow suit and stay in bed tomorrow, afterall I hear there's going to be a thunderstorm. Does that mean I get to be extra grumpy? You work on your todo list and I'll write mine...deal?


  2. 500 +!!! Looks like two legs sticking out of a whip cream cloud cake. How's the list doin'? Me, myself and I.


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