Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Color Creative

Okay, so where I'm from it's colour not color, but it's all the same to me and I'm really enjoying the Color Creative workshops. Although I've followed some workshop materials before, I've always ended up signing up for the classes long after they've started and have missed participating in the forums - which is half the fun.

The class is geared around using everyday magazine articles and advertisments as inspiration for your scrapbook colour choices so, as someone who practically hoardes design magazines, I thought it would be the ideal class for me to break out of my usual 'duck egg blue' and 'kraft brown' combination.

Starting with purple, the class is already pushing my boundaries, but I am learning.

Double Take - Challenge #1 in the Color Creative Class

Detail - Challenge #1 in the Color Creative Class


  1. Beautiful photo. Beautiful colours and materials. Here's to pushing those boundaries!!

  2. Gorgeous LO clair. very stunning photos too.

  3. Hi! Popped over here after seeing your comment on 'my Treacle'...
    Gorgeous photo and LO - love all the layering :)
    And thanks for the advise ... I shall be very careful and watch where I'm pinning that badge! :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by folks :O)


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