Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Catching Up

Gah! I've been busy catching up with things over the last week - old friends; photography coursework and craft classes.

The Color Creative Class has now finished. I have been beavering away behind scenes, but I chose to do some mini-albums and some alternative crafty projects and that's held me up a little. We've still got access to the class forum until July though, so it will be nice to chat to other slackers (um...perfectionists) who'll be lagging behind with me.

There It Is Again

Tea (in my favourite Momiji mug; vintage craft books and craft magazines and morning sunlight. The only reasons I get out of bed!


  1. Hi Clair, what is Gah!? Just finished lunch here(12:30pm)and deciding whether or not I want to play or do housework. I guess it will end up being a little of both. There are definitely mornings when that's all I want(ref. your pic). Happy happies. Joyce

  2. Gah - is the kind of feeling you get when you have to choose between fun and housework :) Have a great day whatever you do!


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