Wednesday 14 July 2010

Safety Pin Cuff Bracelet Tutorial {Waste Not Wednesday}

I've had a large bag of mixed seed beads in pinks and creams languishing in my beading stash for several years, leftovers of several projects. Unfortunately, all of the beads are slightly different sizes and shapes, which made it difficult to think of the perfect use for the mix - and I definitely wasn't going to spend my time trying to sort them! Definitely in need of a Waste Not Wednesday.

When I came across some safety pins for only a penny each at my local haberdashery store, I had a eureka moment, bought 150 of them, and sat down one evening to make myself this cute little cuff. And I still have enough safety pins left to make another one in a different colour. Score.

Safety Pin Bracelet

You'll need:

Safety Pins, Seed Beads, Beading or Sewing Elastic, Glue - and lots of patience. This isn't a difficult project, but it is a little time consuming.

Supplies At The Ready

1. Open one of the safety pins and randomly thread seed beads onto the pin. Leave a little bit of space at the top of the pin, so that it will close. Now close it. Simple, see?

The Tricky (& Slightly Tiresome) Bit

2. Continue threading seed beads onto the safety pins until you have enough to span your wrist. I only used half of mine in the end, but the number you'll need will depend on their size and on your wrist measurement.

All Beaded Up & Ready To Go!

3. Thread the elastic through the safety pins, alternating between the tops and the bottoms of the pins so that they nestle together neatly.

Top Tip - If there's not much of a hole in the tops of your pins, guide the elastic between the edges of the metal and pull gently. The elastic should 'pop' into the gap and fit snugly.

4. When you reach the end, secure the thread with a surgeon's knot and dab with bit of glue.

5. Repeat with the other side of the bracelet.

Safety Pin Bracelet - I Need A New Hand Model!

It's by no means a new idea, but the different sizes, shapes and finishes on the beads only seem to make the cuff shimmer all the more. And I've finally made a dint in my bead stash!


  1. I like this very much :-) I may need to hoard beads for a little longer before I have enough though! Unless I go for a rainbow bracelet? xx

  2. wow that's so simple but beautiful, you could sell those and make a handsome profit for more beads
    Jo xxxx

  3. I remember making these as a kid, and also pinning them to my shoes. So clever, Miss Clair! I am so happy to see another Waste Not Wednesday - fun and inspiring!

  4. Clair! I love it :) Thanks for the tute and I hope you are well.

    Love, Julie

  5. Oh man! I totally made one of these in high school!!

  6. A great tutorial Clair and I love the finished bracelet!

  7. Well it is absolutely gorgeous and I'm glad you went to the effort .... I, on the other hand, would not have a shred of patience for this one!

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. I have been meaning to make something like this for ages to try and use up some of my stash of seed beads. This could be just the inspiration I need x

  9. That looks realy great Clair well done you x

  10. What a fun bracelet thanks for the tutorial I featured it check it out and grab a button if you'd like.

  11. Beautiful tutorial!! Thanks for it! (:

  12. I love this! Always wondered how to make one (even attempted a couple of times to figure it out myself) but they never turned out as beautifully as this! Thanks for linking!

  13. Thanks for this tutorial. I hope it will help me. I have had safety pins full of beads for more than a year but not knowing how to string them together. If this works I will send you a photo!

  14. Back when I was in my twenties, and I'm in my sixties now, I made a lovely long safety pin necklace or two with matching long earrings. My landlady liked it so much that, at first, I thought she was having a heart attack. She was just overcome by the beauty of the set. I used multicolored beads and the blues really seemed to pop. Anyway, my pins were forever coming open. A few times, I was nearly poked by them. Have you had this problem with your cuff bracelet? Would gluing the pins closed be a good idea? I have several bracelets like this and, so far, they have stayed together. If anyone has any experience with the pins coming open, or staying closed, please let me know your what worked to keep your work closed. I do love these bracelets! They are so pretty!


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