Friday, 7 May 2010

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You.

One of my favourite challenge blogs - The Copy & Paste Project - is celebrating it's first birthday this weekend with fantastic projects from some amazing guest posters and some rather nifty prizes to be had.

As part and parcel of the party The Copy & Paste ladies have asked their readers to share a few things - so that we can get to know each other. Thank goodness I'm sharing before I start on the cocktails!

1. Everyone knows that I love my arts and crafts but you'd never guess that I also love me some science. I'm a geek and that's okay.
2. I'm proud to admit that I like reading but my guilty pleasure is chick lit.
3. I'm inspired by kindness and it surprises me when it comes from strangers.
4. I'm always saving project ideas but I'm never able to finish (or start!) them all.
5. I've got lots of lovely, wonderful friends but I've always wanted more. You can never have too many.
6. I tried to crochet once and it made me feel stupid!
7. If I never figure out why my feet suddenly shrank two sizes a few years ago it will be a mystery forever.
8. I didn't watch Glee on Monday and now that I've managed to see it, I feel better.
9. It's not that I don't like the gym but I'd really rather be asleep. I'm still forcing myself to go though. *Sigh!*
10. Doing something new makes me feel nervous but, sometimes, it's worth it!
11. Someone once told me to hang my bottoms from the tops and my tops from the bottoms and then my clothes stayed in excellent shape while they were drying on the washing line :)
12. I'm happy to say that I love The Copy & Paste Project and even love the two loons lovelies who organise it all. You know who you are.

If you've not checked out The Copy & Paste Project before, well then head on over to the party. It's one of the most splendid arts and crafts blogs around with challenges that encompass all sorts of crafts and can be adapted to suit your own crafty yearnings. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. A great read, Clair! Love the top tip in number 11, I'm going to do that from now on. And Glee will always make you feel better so you're a geek and a Gleek!
    I have a lot to thank the Copy and Paste lovelies for, it was their 12 Days workshop where I found you! And now they've let me loose with a blog post at their party tomorrow…

  2. Loons you say? Well, I may be a loon but I've been living by your number 11 for years now - hence my laundry has been better shaped than yours for aaaaages. And I hang in colour order ...
    I'm also with you on 3+$ and I don't even attempt things like crochet for the exact same reason!
    Anyway .... have missed you around busy lady, thanks for playing with us.

  3. Thanks for the comment Clair, I love your blog so was very happy to se it, thank you! My pooch is such a cutie and a poser, so he is easy to take pics of! Being a geek is cool, I am am not just saying that cause I am one too!

  4. Shrank 2 sizes!? And my clothes too will be in excellent shape from now on.

  5. Have just been hanging out my washing Grandma taught me your way! I love Copy+Paste too.

  6. Watching Glee would make anyone feel better :)

    Thanks for introducing me to The Copy and Paste Project!

  7. V interesting :-) I knew the washing tip but hanging out washing sounds too much like housework to me.... And oh, I wish my feet would shrink 2 sizes!! They'd still be big feet even then!

  8. I also mentioned my failed attempt at crochet when answering these C&P questions. Do you think crochet is possible to learn if only we keep trying? Will we ever be bothered to keep stitching those uneven stitches long enough to find out? Maybe one day!

  9. Shrank 2 sizes... did you happen to have a child about then?
    I'm a geek too- my husband wouldn't let me dress our (then) baby girl up as a baby Ewok for the Star Wars anniversary thing 3 yrs ago. I'm still bummed!

  10. How strange about your shoe size! And I have never seen Glee, but am beiginning to feel I am missing out ...

  11. That is so good to know about laundry. I really had no idea, but I think this information will greatly improve my quality of life! And you're right, nothing wrong with a little science geeking or the occasional chick lit.


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