Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Quick & Easy Ribbon Roses {Waste Not Wednesday}

Every crafter that I know has an absolutely massive stash of ribbons. It doesn't matter if they're a scrapbooker, a card maker, a jewellery designer or even a ceramicist, there is something about being a crafter that make us hoard pieces of ribbon as though the world depended on it. So, whether you have a stash of beautiful rolls of ribbons or a few choice pieces saved from the gifts you received at Christmas, this quick and easy tutorial is made with you in mind.

Final Purple

You'll Need:

Ribbon - That's it! Honestly!

While many of the tutorials covering how to make traditional ribbon roses require a needle and thread, craft wire or florist's tape, none of these are necessary.

A variety of lengths can be used, but for your first few attempts use a piece at least 20 inches long. Once you are used to the technique, you'll be able to make roses from smaller pieces of ribbon.

1. Start with the ribbon flat in front of you with the shiny or patterned side face down.
2. Fold one edge of the ribbon over the other to form a right angle in the centre of the ribbon.


3. Fold each end of the ribbon across the right angle fold to build a stack of folded squares. There's no need to keep this stack perfectly neat. (Perfectionists, you know who you are!)

One Over The Other

4. Stop folding when you have about an inch of folded ribbon squares and a couple of inches of unfolded ribbon on each end.

Bunched Up

5. Let go of the folded squares and you will see that the ribbon forms a 'spring' shape. You're doing well!

Ribbon Spring

6. Hold on to one end of the ribbon firmly and gently (very gently) begin to pull the other end of the ribbon. The folded squares will start to bunch together and you'll see that the ribbon starts to form a rose shape.

Push & Hold

7. When the rose is a satisfactory shape and size, stop pulling on the ribbon.

Pushed Down 'Rose'

Tip - You might find that the first couple of times you pull on the ribbon too hard. The ribbon rose will unfold and you'll be left with a length of ribbon. Although it's a little annoying, you've not really lost anything. Start again and pull a little less hard. No problem!

8. Keeping hold of the centre of the rose, turn it over so that the loose ends of the ribbon are facing upwards. Press firmly in the centre of the rose and, with your other hand tie a small knot in the back. Again, don't pull your knot too firmly or you may pull your rose out of shape. Tie another knot to secure the rose form. That's it!

Tying Knot

This is ideal for adding a little something to your gift wrap quickly and easily, but if you'd like your ribbon to be a little more robust then simply stitch through the centre of rose to secure - this is the perfect time to add a few beads or sequins.

Final Purple

Ways To Use Your Roses -

I've made a whole jar full of these roses, using a variety of different ribbons and organzas and keep them on hand to add to gifts, mini-albums and scrapbook layouts. You could also add brooch back, use them to embellish some old shirts or add them to a pearl necklace for a fresh look.

Whatever you choose to do, you now have no excuse to leave those poor, neglected pieces of ribbon stuffed into your craft closet! As always, I'd be grateful for any feedback or questions about the tutorial and if you do have a go at making something I feature let me know, I'd love to stop by and have a look x


  1. Aww such a great idea... I'll try this :) Thanks for sharing

  2. What a great idea - thanks for the very clear tutorial :-)
    Now .... where's that ribbon ..... ;-)

  3. People, I can vouch for the absolute stunningness of these little beauties :-) And Clair did indeed make it look very quick and very easy! I probably have enough ribbon to stock an entire florist's with roses.... *blush*

    PS Perfectionists? Really? There are perfectionists out there? Some people.... ;-)

  4. Wow what a great idea! I know what i'll be doing with all my ribbon now, thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Brilliant! I love the look of ribbon roses but thought it was too complicated. I'm going to try your method. BTW, these waste not Wednesday posts are great!

  6. Oh you star. I have been dying to make some ribbon roses. I have the perfect project I can use them for ;)


  7. Brilliant & simple! fab, thanks for sharing!!

  8. Way cute! I saw them on Twitter and clicked right over. I'll be linking.

  9. These are adorable! And yes, I do hoard pieces of ribbon (and then take it a step further and stash them far, far away out of reach from Sophie). I can't wait to make these. I've always loved roses but had no idea how to go about making one. Thank you so much!

  10. yay a new flower to make, ribbons at the start folding
    Jo xxx

  11. Thank you for the tutorial. I'll have to give it a try!

  12. I LOVE this, and I'm definetly going to make some! Thanks for such a great tutorial! They are lovely!

  13. Very, very clever! A whole row would look like that new American Crafts ruffly ribbon. Thank you for the other link to Craft Hope. You are right, I do like it :)

  14. This is lovely! Thank you =)

  15. Thats such a great tutorial..thanks a lot for sharing!!

  16. My mum taught me how to make these roses when I was around... seven years old, and I've been making them ever since! :) Thanks for the tute!

  17. Very cool! I'll have to try this! Thanks!!! xoxo

  18. Thank you so much for the clear instructions for I have tried and tried other's and this one WORKED

  19. Refreshed my old memory. Thanks for the lovely tutorial.

  20. This is epic! I love the shape and it is exactly what I want. The rolling one that you have to sew is just such a pain in the ass with 8mm ribbon!! XD This one actually looks like a flower and is gorgeous!!!

  21. Oh my goodness this works like magic! I'm in love with my ribbon all over again *sigh*

  22. This was just as easy as you said! Thanks so much! :)


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