Sunday, 8 November 2009

Twelve Days Of Christmas - Class Winner!

You might remember that, as part of the All About Me Challenge Blog Hop, we were giving away a place on the Twelve Days of Christmas Class being hosted by Julie and Kirsty over on the Copy & Paste Blog. Well, the blog hop has officially ended and I can excitedly announce that the winner is - YTET!

To choose the winner, I listed all of the comments in a separate word document and left in only the first comment of anyone who happened to comment twice (so that everyone had the same chance of winning. Then, added up all the comments and chose a winner with the help of the Random Number Generator. You'll note that I managed to figure out how to save a screenshot!)

YTET, I'll be notifying Julie and Kirsty of your win and they'll be in touch soon. I'm sure you'll enjoy the class! Those of you who have missed out can still join the class - check out the class details.

PS: I'll be catching up with replying to comments and visiting new followers over the next day or two - we've been away this weekend and, unfortunately, there's laundry to catch up on first. Ugh!


  1. Ooh, laundry! How scintillating!

  2. Happy Dance with YTET!! Have a happy day clothed in laundry.

  3. Congrats YTET :-) I am insanely jealous ;-)

    Good luck with that laundry.... I'd offer to help but I'm laundried out after doing five loads this weekend already and 2 more to go!!


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