Friday, 13 November 2009

The Best Kind Of Guest!

My week's are becoming a little bit routine of late. Not routine in a bad 'commute, work, commute' kind of way. Routine in a 'I know exactly what I should be doing' today kind of way. Somehow that's comforting. And the best bit is that right at the very end of the week, I am treated to an afternoon of crafting with one of my very bestest of friends - Cheryl.
Cake & Crafting
Cheryl and I met for the first time at our local scrapbooking club and hit it off straight away. Cheryl was the one that explained to me that scrapbooking might involve a little more than I envisaged. (I turned up to my first crop with a small bag full of magazine articles and scraps of gift wrap fully expecting that that was what people used to make scrapbook pages! I was amazed at all the people arriving with carts full of product!)

Since I've pulled a muscle in my ribs (coughing really is bad for you) and missed out on Mel's banana muffins yesterday because I had to go to the doctors instead, Cheryl took pity on me and brought cupcakes with her when she arrived this afternoon. The best kind of guest or what?
Hello Cupcake!
Amongst the coffee, chat and chomping there wasn't an awful lot of crafting but we did manage to 'ooh and ahh' a lot over one of Cheryl's recent kit purchases; choose our papers for our December Daily/Journal Your Christmas albums; and take a few photographs. Not bad for a routine visit!


  1. oh it's so lovely that you have someone to craft with. I don't know any crafters down here so i'll have to start joining craft clubs!

    ...wait a that? CAKE! You had cake without me?! *shock and horror together in the same face*

    Do you know how to get swirly icing? I just can't figure it out.


  2. The cupcakes look great. So sweet of her! Hope your muscle feel better soon. x

  3. Glad you had a good time :-) We must all three get together some time! Especially if there's cake....

    Looking forward to seeing your JYC/DD 'kit' too - I'm still working on mine!

    Spk soon x

  4. It is fun to craft with someone, eat a good snack and have good conversation.You can't ask for better than that.

  5. made me hungry, which reminded me that Wildflower Bread Company is taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving. Get this...they have a bread that tastes like stuffing, so that when you eat a turkey are right back in the frenzied-feeding moments of dinner. Oh and a devil's food cake with chocolate mousse filling. *sighs heavily*

  6. The muscle thing doesn't sound like fun, hope you'll be better soon!
    Those cupcakes look delicious!

  7. Who cares if you don't get crafting done when you've got cupcakes like that?! And yay that you're doing JYC, good to have a fellow teamie with me! ;)

    Hope the ribs are better soon.


  8. Mmmm, those cupcakes look so delicious! The shiny wrappers, the sprinkles, the perfect icing. My sweet tooth is aching! So sorry to hear about your pulled muscle. Please feel better soon!

  9. That is so lovely! Glad you got to have your cake and eat it too! ;)
    Hope you're feeling better soon too! K

  10. sorry hun my internet has been down again lol, just had to say I had a fab time too, you never know we may actualy get some crafting done lol only joking, you take care and I will see you next week xx


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